Entry controls

The purpose of the entry controls is to prevent unauthorized and / or unwanted persons from entering the workplace, business or place you wish to protect and secure.
Similar to the terminal, there are a variety of entry controls, such as face recognition, Tamuz (civil servants), fingerprinting, biometric entry control, palm recognition, and more.
There is also the possibility of restricting people so that they can enter only at certain hours or on certain days.

The development of technology follows that the systems today often include software and applications with which to manage entry controls.
The systems are reported to the app or cell phone when there are burglary alerts, open doors via SMS, e-mail, application, etc.

Entry controls can also be used as a "clock", the terminal has many advantages to the business. This means that not only do you enjoy a login that contributes to the security of your business – you also enjoy all the benefits of your home business clock!

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Entry controls

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