2-wire one-family speaker audio kit

מק"ט: Code 1122/61 קטגוריה: תגית: מותג:


2-wire one-family speaker kit consists of a MIKRA panel and a UTOPIA mod. 1134 speaker door phone with adjustable call volume and “Mute”. Full duplex. The kit manages door open light indicator on door phone. Second automatic gate may be opened without adding wires to the riser column thanks to an external relay contact operated by pressing a second supplementary button on the door phone. Up to 4 monitors in parallel. Provided with jumpers for selecting one of the two available call melodies. Operating mode (free-hands or button pressed) may be selected during operation. In the first case, simply press the “audio on” button on the door phone once to start a conversation and press it again to end the conversation. In the second case, the “audio on” button must be kept pressed for the entire duration of the call

Technical specifications

  • Max. distance between door unit and door phone: 110 m
  • System power: 12Vac
  • Network power: 230Vac 50Hz
  • Panel dimensions: (H x W x D) 185 x 99 x 20 mm
  • Name tag dimensions: – (H x W) 26 x 55 mm
  • Degree of protection IP: IP44


INSTALLATION AND USE MANUAL – DS885-002D – it,en,fr,es,de

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